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Seven Reasons to Choose Skaw Precast

1. Skaw Precast can deliver your product quickly and efficiently.

The straight boom truck, pictured here lifting a 2,000 gallon tank, allows for a very fast tank set. Our heavy duty boom trucks allow tanks to be set without the aid of outriggers thus avoiding cave-ins. Please note that, in the picture, the tank is being lifted with the cover pre-sealed on the tank.

2. Skaw's manufactures WET CAST manhole risers.

WhySkaw2   WhySkaw2
WET CAST allows manufacturing of manhole risers in three foot sections. Three foot sections allow less joints and less leaking and faster manhole-riser install time.

3. Skaw's tank selection.

A 2,000 gallon holding tank with a 28" inlet. Again, very useful for an area with a high water table or a hole with a rock bottom. This tank is very heavy with a 4" thick floor. Other tanks manufactured exclusively at Skaw's include a two chambered 1,000 gallon septic tank and a 1,250 gallon "two bedroom" combination tank. Either of these two tanks would extend the life of a conventional septic system's drain field.

4. Skaw's one piece installation.

Ready for delivery is a 2,000 gallon holding tank. All tanks, unless specified by you, are installed in one piece. This saves installation time and, more importantly, places leak warranties on Skaw's.

5. Skaw's premium quality products. Many tanks even include a fifth wall.

This 2,000 gallon holding tank is still in the mold used for casting. This tank is only 24 hours old and is still "green". All of Skaw's tanks are dated and cure on our lot for at least 30 days before delivery. Please note the inner wall cast in place for added strength. All of Skaw's tanks larger than 1,034 gallon have this additional feature of a "fifth" wall. Also note the tar strip sealant already in place. The next step of the manufacturing process is to install the cover. This pre-sealed tank saves time at the point of installation.

6. Skaw's trucks have heavy-duty, shop-made bumpers.

These bumpers are very useful if a push is needed with a blade or a bucket to get to the tank site. Worries of bending a factory bumper are gone.

7. Skaw's exceeds government code requirements.

Skaw's tanks have 3" thick walls and 3" or 4" thick floors of 4,500 psi concrete. We also include the fifth inner wall. Compare the weight of a tank from Skaw's to any other manufacturer. Skaw's tanks require less weight when anchoring is required.